Wednesday ---June 9th-- Grounds open for early arrival 12 pm.   EXH 1pm--9pm

Thursday----June 10th--EXH 9 am.--6 pm. 7 pm. KK Run For Vegas YOUTH

Possible EXH after KK Run For Vegas if time allows before 10 pm. Arena closes at 10 pm, Office closes at 10 pm.

Friday-----June 11th  

    8 am  Books Open

    9 am --OPEN 5D  $3500 Added 

excepting entries till last 150.


SATURDAY-----June  12th 

    7 am  Books Open


     7:30 am    OPEN 5D  $5000 Added  

      FF Incentive Sidepot $50,000 Added (paid out by Future Fortunes)

     4pm  Show case of Runnin WJ students and the annual Tack Walk

excepting entries till last 150.

SUNDAY -----June 13th 

   8:30 am.  Books Open

   8 am. Church service in the coliseum msg to be announced ,  Mr Steve (the Reinman) Music

No exhibitions. 

   9 am. OPEN 5D  $3500 Added

Excepting entries till last 150.

Entry Fee For 5D OPEN $40 per horse

Incentive Fee $25 per rider/horse combination

Office chg. $10 per day/per rider or $25 for all three days.

FUTURE FORTUNES $50,ooo Added Regional Finals sidepot (Inc,) will be included in Saturday OPEN 5D  $5000 Added, must run in the Open for time to roll over.

Stalls $25  per night        RVs  $30 per night     Shavings $6 each bag.

Thank you all for coming to our 14 th Annual Benefit Barrel Race for Runnin WJ Ranch.





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